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TabBar background color not set

Since iOS 15, all nav bars are transparent by default. To restore old behaviour, set scrollEdgeAppearance to the default:

let appearance = UITabBarAppearance()
UITabBar.appearance().scrollEdgeAppearance = appearance


2021/12/19 12:52 · bitmorse

First look at custom LCD

I had the urge to go through the process of making a custom FSTN LCD panel. So I thought I'd make some sort of digital kitchen timer type thing. Segments of a circle go dark as as time elapses - or something like that. I also went out and made a nice anodized aluminium case for it.

With backlight on, inside its case:

Without backlight:

I'm not quite happy yet with all that bleeding through what should be a black background. It looks quite crisp with the backlight off though. Perhaps no backlight at all to save power?

For now, this has scratched my itch and it's going on the shelf until further notice.

2021/03/31 20:02 · bitmorse

Test jig for castellated pin module

We had the need to test a custom module that came back from assembly in modest quantity. The module is meant to be soldered onto another PCB via castellated pins and is very small.

Holding a multimeter probe (even if it's a PCBite) up to it by hand would be a nightmare so, I designed a little test jig that uses 0.7mm (!) pogo pins (MPN: 1007-D-0.7N-AU-0.49).

The jig is 3d printed with the 0.4mm standard nozzle diameter and surprisingly comes out well. Even if it's hitting the resolution limit of the Prusa.

Soldering process:

2021/03/31 19:49 · bitmorse

Note to self

If you cut a thin, flexible PCB, you may bridge bottom groundplane with top traces if you solder on the cutting edge. Therefore remove ground from the designated cutting+soldering areas.

2021/03/31 13:27 · bitmorse
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