Software and Hardware System Development
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bitmorse Sulaimanov is a freelancing firm run by Sam Sulaimanov. bitmorse’s offer ranges from full stack web development using Vue.js, Node.js and PHP to Swift iOS app development.

Sam Sulaimanov


I am Octanis Association’s founder and lead tinkerer. This non-profit association’s goal is to create a place for curious minds and tinkering doers to come together. The first project is an Antarctic Rover. C programming and hardware development using 3d printers are my core occupation. 

Treasure Hunt for iOS based on iBeacons

Treasure Hunt for iOS was made for COSS at ETH Zürich. It’s an interactive game that allows players to look for hidden treasures at conference venues. The iOS App (Swift) uses Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (iBeacons) that are hidden with the treasures to estimate the distance. Works indoors and outdoors. No backend required. was made for Octanis Association. Jekyll website with easy to use Prose for content management.

31c3 social graph using iBeacons

nervousnet 31c3 for iOS was made for COSS at ETH Zürich for a live experiment at a four day conference. We handed out iBeacons to willing participants and built a social graph (visible above) of the participants. The essential component to building this graph was our iOS App (Swift) which logged nearby iBeacons. It also displays the room you are currently in and any peers detected. A Java backend used MySQL persistence and Python for visualisation. Link to paper produced with data generated by beacons and app.

Custom iBeacons

Custom iBeacons were manufactured for COSS at ETH Zürich for a live experiment at a four day conference. These Beacons were based on the certified HM-10 BLE radio. The system design included a 3d printed case integrating a coin cell battery, keyring and the module.

vijo - virtual journal was made for COSS at ETH Zürich. The Ember.js web app’s objective was to help scientists find research papers that they would not have found through common means. bitmorse created a comprehensive elasticsearch index including academic publication metadata from a variety of disciplines. bitmorse also provided a CakePHP backend that uses MongoDB for persistence. was made for a small startup in Zürich aiming to match student profiles to stipends, increasing students chances of success. CakePHP webapp with multilanguage UI (.po), PayPal payments and Pulse CMS integration. Custom PHP recommender algorithm and ElasticSearch search index. MySQL and MongoDB were used for persistence. was made for CopyBlitz AG in St. Gallen and enabled online price calculation and ordering. CakePHP webapp with user login and MySQL for persistence.

Living Archive was made for COSS at ETH Zürich. It crawls the web for open datasets and indexes them in an ElasticSearch index. Users can login and upload their own visualisations and datasets.

Reissner Stiftung was made for a German foundation. Personal consulting and website based on Wordpress. was made for Hackuarium Association where I am a volunteer and member of the board. Simple website using Wordpress.

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